The EST energy saver door is a high speed door for use in freezer rooms.


As one of the first doors of its kind, it can be installed and operated on the heated side or the cold side down to -30°Celsius . It also has a self-supporting structure so that the door can be installed completely separately from the walls.  The short opening and closing times mean that unnecessary waiting for internal traffic is avoided and energy loss is minimised.


There are no visible cables on the entire door and all parts are integrated into the panel construction.

An integrated emergency opening function complying with ASR 1.7 ensures that workers cannot be locked in the freezer area in the event of power failure.




Product details:


• Suitable for interior and exterior use

• Standard sizes up to 5500 x 5500 mm (clear width x clear height)

  (other dimensions on request)

• Opening speed:  up to 2.5 metres/second

• Closing speed:  up to 2 meters/second





• Mechanical parts made of 60mm ISO sandwich panels

• Tension spring integrated into sides

• Anti-crash system

• Emergency opening function in accordance with ASR 1.7



Curtain / door panel:


• Door curtain 4-ply with 2-ply high-insulation foam core

• Coloured polyester fabric, standard RAL 7016

• Colour selection and printing can be selected by customer

• Four different insulation layers

• Curtain: k-value = 0.31W/m²/k for a door panel width of 80 mm

• Side parts: k-value = 0.16W/m²/k

• Wind load test in accordance with EN 12424: Class 0-2 possible



Safety precautions / electrical equipment:


• Frequency inverter fully programmable

• Safety contact strip conforming to DIN EN 13241-1 for closing edge protection

   as well as two additional safety light barriers

• Any common control device can be used

• Foreground monitoring possible
























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